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The mission of Project Bobo is to help our communities to find ALL lost pets!



Search a three- to five-block radius from your home

  • If you call out, stay out! Give your pet time to get to you

  • Bring a favorite treat or squeaky toy

  • Use a satellite map to determine likely paths and hiding places

  • Cat owners: Look up! Your cat could be in a tree. Bring towels or blankets as the cat may have feral tendencies

  • Dog owners: Warn people to not chase your pet. Crouch at pet level as the dog may have wild tendencies


List your "lost pet" information with neighborhood websites (e.g. Nextdoor, Facebook, HOA, Community newsletters, etc.), to get the word out about your pet and notify the local police

Tell your nearby neighbors; your pet may take shelter in their garages, shrubs, yards, crawl space


Create and distribute "lost pet" flyers, business cards, or magnets:

  • Door-to-door with neighbors (No flyers in mailbox! It's illegal.)

  • Community mailbox or infobox area

  • Local businesses, shelters, rescues, groomers, kennels, pet sitters

  • Services & Community: US mail, trash, school bus, FedEx, UPS, Mailbox Etc, schools, HOA

  • Magnets for cars or business card size

  • Cats owners: feral cat colony managers

USPS Mailers

Sample information to include - less is more!​

  • Pet Picture, Name; Male/Female; Neutered/Spayed; Chipped Y/N;  Collar Color; Reward (optional); Phone Number; Last seen intersection/area, Date lost

  • Provide various haircuts of pet, if appropriate

Example flyer pricing:​


Create "lost pet" signs and post around neighborhood

  • Keep it simple

  • Make it readable from a car

  • Include picture, phone number, color, breed, reward (if applicable)​

  • Check your signs regularly - they may be taken down by city, HOA, thieves

Example sign pricing:

Additional Reference:


  • Register and update your pet's microchip information

  • Call your microchip vendor and report your pet missing

  • Microchips is not a GPS – let your vets and shelters know in case someone finds your pet and checks for microchip

  • Learn about the Microchip Quagmire from Find Bobo's search


Contact your local veterinarians


Visit your local animal shelters and rescues frequently:

  • Leave a flyer with various people

  • Volunteers, employees, and staff may not talk to each other

  • Check deceased pet list

  • Search shelter websites for all breeds (see list below)


Set up a humane trap on your porches or where pet escaped

  • Make sure it's covered

  • Clean trap and change food daily

  • Do this soon! Don't let your pet find food elsewhere

Example trap: Havahart Large Trap $49.97


Check "found pet" ads everywhere - daily!


See Lost & Found Online Resources below

Contact Project Bobo is you have additional  recommendations!


Place "lost pet" ads: newspapers, websites, Facebook, Craig's List, television, billboards




  1. CREATE only 1 Facebook post for your Lost Pet - allows you to update only 1 post versus creating multiple posts

  2. SHARE your post to multiple Facebook pages - allows you to gain a following on 1 post versus starting a new following each time

  3. COMMENT on your post rather than make a new post - keeps your original post  relevant and your followers updated

  4. BE MINDFUL of each page's rules - refrain from over-taxing the community and outstaying your welcome

  5. MAKE your own lost pet's page - allows you to pay to boost a post and generate your own pet's following


  1. Craig's List (Lost & Found) - valid 45 days, requires refresh

  2. Craig's List (Pets) - valid 45 days, requires refresh

  3. Critter Alert

  4. Edgewater Animal Shelter (Rescue/Shelter)

  5. Helping Lost Pets

  6. Live to Purr Another Day (Shelter/Rescue)

  7. Lost Found Pets US

  8. LostMyDoggie

  9. LostMyKitty

  10. No Kill Shelter

  11. Orange County Animal Services (AKA Animal Control, 311)

  12. Orange County Forums (Shelter/Rescue)

  13. Orlando Cat Café (Shelter/Rescue)

  14. PawBoost

  15. Pet Alliance Of Greater Orlando (Shelter/Rescue)

  16. Pet FBI

  17. Pet Finder (Shelter/Rescue)

  18. Pet Harbor - valid 30 days, requires refresh

  19. Pet Key

  20. SPCA of Orlando (Shelter/Rescue)

  21. Tabby Tracker

  22. The Center for Lost Pets

  23. Winter Park Lost Pets





PROJECT BOBO was born out of my hope to spare other lost pet parents the frustration of sorting through and organizing information and resources available on the internet by consolidating my findings about searching for lost pets in one location. It evolves daily.


Bobo, my beloved, 8 year-old Persian, went missing on April 19, 2019 and we are still looking for him. He sneaked out by accident.


The minute I discovered Bobo was missing, I began my foot search for 48-hours straight only taking half-hour breaks every 2 hours. When my foot search yielded no results, I began researching techniques and resources on finding lost pets. My foot search lasted for the next 45 straight days.

Every day I learned and tried something new and at the end of each week, I wished I had tried the technique earlier. I wasted a lot of valuable time learning. Today, I would search differently, knowing what I know now.

FIND BOBO is dedicated solely to the search for Bobo. The experience and process has taught me how wonderful and kind our community members are and how we help each other through a tough and emotional process. You all inspired me to share my research and create PROJECT BOBO!

Thank you to 3 AMAZING teenagers: Sammy (L), Isabel (C), and Eloise (R), who volunteered to spend their summer afternoon placing 500 flyers about FIND BOBO and PROJECT BOBO in our community. Not shown is mom, Silvia, who drove them and is a wonderful role model!

Thank you, BOBO for reminding us all about community!

Since its inception, PROJECT BOBO has sponsored two Baldwin Park First Friday Festival events, appeared in local news on TV and in print, and has a resource website and corresponding Facebook page to help others with their search for their missing pet.


The mission of PROJECT BOBO is to help our communities find ALL our lost pets.


There is no silver bullet method. Searches are highly personal and you should try methods that you think might work for you and where your time and budget allows. I truly hope the information helps you find your furry family member and gives you a springboard to start your search. I am still looking for Bobo!






Thank you for your interest in Project Bobo.

For more information or suggestions for improvement, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!


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